Louisa, Virginia

Horrible experience!

Bought a new XC-90 about 6 years ago and brought it back to DB for it's regular maintenance since. The buying experience and most service appointments were very good UNTIL the past few times that have gotten progressively worse. The most horrible experience I've ever had with a customer serivce rep. ANYWHERE came today at DB Volvo.

A month ago we had 50K service performed, which came to almost $1K and one of the items I asked them to fix was a burned out Daytime Running Light. Got the car back home (an hour away) and found that the DRL was not replaced. Rather than taking another 2 hours drive and cycle the car up there again, I went to Pep Boys and replaced it myself. But I did call the service rep. to tell him that they missed the DRL. He barely apologized and that was that. Soon after I received a survey from Volvo Corp. asking me about the latest service, and I did not rate it high due to missing the DRL. I didn't hide my name, and it was an honest assessment.

Took the car in this morning to a scheduled appointment and after taking my information and key, the same service rep. berated me for giving "him" a low rating and, I quote him directly, "just want to let you know that it affects me personally when you give a low rating". it was all in a threatening tone with several "do you understand!? thrown at me for emphasis. Well EXCUSE ME, IT AFFECTS ME PERSONALLY WHEN I HAVE TO FIX SOMETHING YOU NEGLECTED TO DO!!! I didn't actually say that back to him as I was too shocked to believe a service rep. would treat a returning customer like that. After thinking a minute, I demanded my keys back, walked out the door, and will not be returning for service or car purchases at DB Volvo in the future.

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We have NOT received the paperwork or contract despite paying 2400 for this warranty and it is now JULY 31, 2013 . WE CONTACTED the F/I MANAGER, the CPO manger and the GM and then VOLVO NA who said we would have paperwork by JULY .

tormorrow is AUGUST 1 AND i just got back from business in CANADA.i am going to see the VIRGINIA ATTY GEN this is RIDICULOUS.


:sigh for the writing on my previous comments try doing it on my phone hopefully you guys get the idea don volvo


:sigh I have xc 90 original owner 4 years,I bring my xc 90 volvo for maintenance at don beyer volvo at dulles .absolute no customer care and understanding .they do not check any fluids when you bring in for an oil change.4 years ago service guy and I discussed this he told me that he would check the fluids for me .finding out for years later they were not checking them .the service guy and I discussed it again he told me that they don't do that with oil changes and n enquiring more hey wants 200 and change to check on my fluids and everything ele under a different service .I asked him if you please check the fluids anyway because my wife was going on a long trip with my son and he wouldn't do it and I said well you check my brakes everytime you change the oil and he said that's a safety check I should check the fluids is a safety check to he disagreed filling out the service survey in the past and things are still the same they really just care about making money not customer care .I will not be getting another volvo because of this .my american cars I get 1000 * better customer care

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